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13 Jul 12
The Rotarian provides excellent summary of our work
11 Jul 12
Technical support specialist required for Tanzania
29 Jun 12
Catch up with the lastest news on the project
8 Jun 12
Trip to Madagascar not included!
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A project that helps people in developing countries learn about and grow the best local foods to match their nutritional needs.

Imagine, if you could, a world that was free of chronic malnutrition. Where children as young as five did not die of hunger or disease. That could be a reality now thanks to the efforts of Tasmanian agricultural scientist, Bruce French.

Bruce has devoted a lifetime of work to devising a simple and sustainable solution to global malnutrition through establishing the not-for-profit organisation, Food Plants International. Through his work he has documented the world’s most complete and comprehensive database of edible plants. These plants thrive in their homelands, provide nutrition and, most importantly, help the hungry feed themselves.

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