The Learn◊Grow project is gaining increasing support around the world as its potential to address malnutrition in developing countries is recognised.

Dr Eileen Gentilcore, the Rotary International Coordinator for Health and Hunger said of the Learn◊Grow project:  “Rotary Health and Hunger projects over the past few years have realised many wonderful steps towards solutions for world malnutrition.  I find the most visionary among these is the Learn◊Grow project of Rotary District 9830.”

Dr Gentilcore also stated “Not only will nutritional food be more available, but those most at risk will have the DIGNITY of maintaining their own needs”.

The Learn◊Grow project is recognised and supported at the highest levels in Rotary.  It has the strong endorsement of Rotary World Community Service (RAWCS) as an ideal project for its contribution towards the Millennium Development Goal No 1 – the reduction of extreme poverty throughout the developing world.