Solomon Islands

The first Learn◊Grow project is being established in the Solomon Islands. Learn◊Grow teams have visited the Solomon Islands on two occasions.  A report on the latest visit is available.  Discussions were held with Government Ministers and senior public service officials, educational agencies, aid agencies and non-government organisations about implementing the Learn◊Grow project in the Solomon Islands. 

Visits to villages in the Solomon Islands demonstrated a real appetite for the information contained in the Learn◊Grow project.  The Learn◊Grow committee is currently seeking funding to publish a range of Learn◊Grow educational books and booklets for the Solomon Islands.  Total cost of printing and distributing  these materials throughout the Solomon Islands is estimated to be $150,000.

A Rotary coordinator for the Learn◊Grow project in the Solomon Islands has been appointed - Mark Johnston, an experienced agriculturist who is seconded to the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock.  This will greatly assist in “on the ground” implementation of the Learn◊Grow project in the Solomon Islands.

Papua New Guinea

 Papua New Guinea will be the second Learn◊Grow theatre of operations.  Contact has been developed with key agricultural authorities and Rotary representatives in Papua New Guinea.  The Learn◊Grow project in Papua New Guinea will benefit from the vast knowledge that Bruce French gained of Papua New Guinean agriculture when he worked as an agricultural scientist in the country.


Learn◊Grow has enormous potential to reduce the impact of malnutrition on the Filipino population, especially for children.  Cebu has been selected as the first Learn◊Grow node in the Philippines.

Protocol for Engagement

Are you interested in participating in a Learn◊Grow project to address malnutrition in developing countries?  The Protocol for Engagement sets out the guidelines for establishing and implementing Learn◊Grow projects.  Click here to read the Protocol for Engagement.